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Specializing in Greek and Mediterranean Pastries

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About us


Select Bakery is a (Toronto based,) family owned and operated bakery and deli, specializing in traditional Greek baked goods and other Eastern Mediterranean delicacies.

The story of Select Bakery begins in Athens Greece, with the family patriarch Manolis Katsamakis. He became a bakers apprentice at the age of 11, where he learned the basics of traditional Greek baking.

In 1974 Manolis, like many immigrants before him, came to Canada equipped only with his skills, a dream, and a tireless work ethic.

In 1976 he opened his first bakery in Toronto, and quickly became famous for his traditional Greek classics like baklava, galaktoboureko, and loukoumades.

In 2001, after twenty five years it was time for something new.

Select Bakery was that something new. The concept for Select Bakery was as groundbreaking as it was simple: be a one-stop shopping destination for the finest Greek and Eastern Mediterranean products in the city. This meant expanding the scope of what a Greek bakery could be by including a large selection of cheeses, deli meats, olives, imported grocery products, and an in-store café.

Spearheaded by Manolis’ oldest son Kostas, who had apprenticed with his father from an early age, and joined by his sister Areti and their brother Nicholas, it is a true family business. Together, with their fathers guidance and equipped with his recipes, they opened Select Bakery in the summer of 2002.

Select Bakery enjoys a unique position; it is both Toronto’s premiere Greek bakery for traditional baked goods, and the most progressive Greek bakery in the (city/Greek community/province) with the ability to satisfy the appetite for popular classics, while also providing modern updates of Greek pastries to those who desire new and exciting flavours.

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