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The easiest Tsoureki recipe to make Greek Easter Bread

If you’ve ever visited Greece, you’ve probably noticed the beautifully braided bread displayed in bakeries and markets. These bread are known as Tsoureki but we also call it Greek Easter Bread. Tsoureki is a sweet braided bread that is traditionally made during Easter or holidays but can be enjoyed year-round. It is usually flavored with

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Let’s Bake Melomakarona – The ultimate Greek Christmas cookie!

While we make Melomakarona all year around at Select Bakery, around Christmas we make triple batches! It is a truly a special time, as the smells of cinnamon, orange, and honey waft through the kitchen all day long. The Greek word melomakarona is pronounced meh-loh-mah-kah-roh-nah and comes from the word “meli”, which means honey in

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Greek Orthodox Easter Traditions Chapter 1

Easter to Greeks is considered to be the most important holiday of all the Greek traditional holidays. With so many customs, traditions and a direct tie to specific foods. Many Greeks will be counting down the days until Pascha (Easter) and looking forward to spending this special feast with their family and friends. First and

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The top desserts of Greek Easter

As Easter approaches, many traditional Greek households will be baking away in preparation for Great Lent and Holy Pascha (Easter). The sweet aromas of moustokouloura, koulourakia and tsourekia will fill these homes once again. Many of us will be looking forward to these delicious baked goods and the traditions that go along with them. Although

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What is Ouzo? Heart and Soul of Greece!

Ouzo is a well-known aperitif from Greece and a staple in every Greek household. It’s known for its clear, silky licorice flavour which pairs well with many appetizers. Nicholas Katsaros and his family opened up the first ouzo distillery in Tyrnavos, 1856. The first ouzo to be made was named Tinarvou and is still considered

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Greek Orthodox Funeral Services

Everything you need to know about the tradition of Greek Orthodox Memorial Services. Learn more about Koliva, Proshoro, Wine, and other traditional food of Greek Funerals. A Greek Orthodox funeral consists of many religious and traditional components. The majority of Greek Orthodox churches may request from the family of the deceased, certain items for the

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