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Specializing in Greek and Mediterranean Pastries

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Tsoureki, Baguettes, Whole Wheat

At Select all our breads are made in-house, from scratch, every day. We offer a variety of styles and flavours, all of which can be sliced to order. Our most popular varieties are:

Kalmata Olive Bread – Eliopsomo

A home-style bread traditional to olive growing regions like Kalamata and Crete, our olive bread is dark, chewy, salty, and olivey, with a crispy crust. It pairs very well with a salads and soups, or cut it into strips excellent for dipping.

Greek Village Bread – Horiatiko Psomi

The classic Greek village-style loaf. Denser than other types of bread, it is a great all-rounder, good for everything from soups and salads, to mopping up that last spoon of tomato sauce.

Whole Wheat Bread

A more health conscious take on the classic Greek village-style loaf for those who like a darker, whole grain bread.

Variety of Baguettes

Slice it lengthwise for delicious sandwiches or into thin slices perfect for spreading dips, our baguettes are as versatile as they are delicious.

EPI bread

Made with our baguette dough, this pretty loaf looks great on a prepared table, and is perfect for tearing off a chunk and dipping in soup or with a rustic Greek village salad.

Koulori – Sesame Rings

A staple of the Greek country breakfast, these crunchy, chewy, sesame-encrusted rings are great for dipping, soups, or just enjoying with a piece of salty cheese and a fresh tomato.

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