Cheese & Meat

Premium Quality Direct From Greece

In addition to the 20 different Greek cheeses, we carry an extensive range of meat products at our deli counter. Many of these products are available in our e-shop are not available elsewhere in Canada. We have put an extraordinary effort in our product selection and are proud to present you only the very best, premium-quality products directly from Greece!


Greek Feta Cheese

Produced in the northern region of Epirus, renowned for its quality of milk and the traditional methods used by local cheese makers, our cheese is cured and aged in wooden oak barrels acquiring a rich peppery taste that is appreciated by true “feta” connoisseurs.

Bulgarian White Cheese

Bulgarian white cheese is a feta variation known in Bulgaria, Macedonia and other Balkan countries as “Sirene”. Made from sheep’s milk, Sirene is a tad saltier than Greek feta and has a creamier texture, with a hint of yogurt overtones. Bulgarian white cheese is often used in traditional pastry dishes such as Banitsa (Tiropita) and Shopska salad (similar to Greek salad).

Crumbled Feta Cheese

Snacks and meals are made easy with Krinos Crumbled Feta Cheese. Crumbled feta is great on salads, omelets, pizza and pastas or for use with mashed potatoes, shepherd’s pie, or even macaroni and cheese.

Sheep’s Feta Cheese

Krinos proudly produces a 100% Canadian alternative to imported Feta for those who seek to buy local. With a complex but mildly tangy flavour, sweet undertone, and creamy texture, our Sheep’s Milk Feta will take center stage at your table in its freshest form and performs masterfully in baked dishes as well.

Greek Town Saganaki

Greek Town Saganaki is an exciting new way of serving grilled cheese. Made with sheep’s milk, Saganaki is a mouth watering, golden treat of pan-seared cheese fried in olive oil, served bubbly hot with a spritz of lemon and a crack of pepper all on fresh bread. Flambé Saganaki with brandy and let a shout of “Opa!” for over-the-top goodness.


Produced in Greece, Kefalotiri is a very hard, light-yellow sheep’s milk cheese with a tangy flavour and a sharp aroma. Considered to be the ancestor of most hard Greek cheeses (dating back to the Byzantine era), it is used mostly for grating atop sauces, pizza, stews and salads.

Delicious as an appetizer and ideal for cheese-boards, serve it thinly sliced alongside sausages and red wine, or with fresh seasonal fruit, such as grapes, figs and pears.


A recent addition to the Greek family of cheese, Vlahotiri is a hearty, multi-purpose sheep’s milk cheese. Its holes are slightly larger, and its salt content slightly lower, than Kefalograviera.


This pale golden-yellow cheese has a full bodied yet pleasant and light aroma that falls between Kasseri and Kefalotiri in hardness, but with a more sharp and salty taste.


Kashkaval is the Balkan equivalent to Greek Kasseri, commonly referred to as “The Cheddar of the Balkans”. This cheese is semi-firm with a smooth surface. It is slightly tangy with a nutty taste and is great for salads, pizza, quesadillas, or shredded on top of pasta.


Manouri is a fresh semi-soft sheep’s milk cheese made from whey (drained from feta production) then enriched with cream. The result is a delicious, dense, buttery cheese often drizzled with honey and served as a dessert. Sweet or savory, manouri has a melt-in-the-mouth texture.


Halloumi, derived from the Greek word “almi”, meaning salty, is a semi-hard cheese made from a blend of cow, goat and sheep’s milk, seasoned with mint leaves and then soaked in brine. Its taste is best described as somewhere between kashkaval and mozzarella. Due to its unique characteristic Halloumi can be enjoyed in any form, from fresh to grilled and even fried! Halloumi is still made the old fashioned way in villages throughout the island of Cyprus.


Myzithra cheese was very popular in ancient times and is considered to be the ancestor of all Greek whey cheeses. Made from pasteurized sheep’s milk, cream, whey and salt, this bold and buttery cheese is dry and salty, similar to Romano cheese in both taste and consistency. It makes a delicious topper for pastas, pizzas, stews, soups and salads, also a perfect substitute for any recipes that calls for parmesan cheese.