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Specializing in Greek and Mediterranean Pastries

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Too tired to cook? Short on time? We have the solution! Select Bakery carries a variety of traditional Greek dishes and delicacies in their freezer. Whether they are from the Select Frozen Foods™ line, prepared and packaged on site, or sourced from the finest importers, they are the perfect solution when you need something quick and healthy for you and your family or guests.

Spanakopita (Spinach Pie)

Spanakopita is a savoury Greek pasty comprised of mixture of chopped spinach, feta, onions, and seasoning, wrapped in layered filo pastry that is brushed with olive oil or butter.

Tiropita (Cheese Pie)

A perennial favourite like its relative the spanakopita, a tiropita is a savoury Greek pastry made a cheese and egg filling wrapped in layers of buttered or oiled filo.

Pastitsio (Pasta Casserole)

A popular Greek comfort food, pastitsio is the equivalent of Greek lasagna. It consists of alternating layers of long tubular pasta and ground beef or lamb in a thin tomato sauce, it is topped with a cheese-filled creamy béchamel sauce.
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